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The Coachella Music Festival is upon us once again peeps! And this year is of particular personal importance not only because it will be my sixth, yes, 6th, Coachella experience or because it will be the virgin go for a good amount of my San Diego amigos, but it is also the venue for my 30th birthday. Yes the 3-0 falls on Coachella week! And what better way to celebrate than facemelt with my best friends and family from all up and down the coast, in deliciously warm weather, to 3 days of music?! Now most have seen the “fake” lineups circulating the internet with much anticipated excitement brewing, and with the release of the “official” lineup I was personally bummed out at the absence of Daft Punk. Understand this, I was one of the fortunates to see them at Coachella 2006. Not only was that the first release of the pyramid stage that they have become known for, but was also dubbed “the best set of the year” by many of the music magz. I do believe the word “facemelt” actually came from that Daft Punk set!

In prep for this year’s show, I have been in constant contact with Coachella vets of previous years trying to organize. One of which is one of my best friends hailing from the great city of San Francisco, Kenny Parmesan. Now know this of Kenny, he lives music. I swear he came out of the womb with headphones and turntables. Example: After Treasure Island Music Fest this year he decided to randomly have the Classix spin, In His Kitchen Currently Kenny is killing it on a daily basis running the advertising show for Myspace Music. Anyway he’s my brotha from anotha motha and he also shared his concern about the absence of Daft Punk in the Coachella lineup. And then! I received this email from the Parmesan today:

“I have a little story for all of you, and though it might be fiction, here’s to hoping otherwise!!

Last night I found myself at a going away party and was catching up with a friend. This friend happens to have grown up with James Mercer, lead singer of The Shins and Broken Bells. Broken Bells is playing Coachella this year and he had told her that Daft Punk was definitely headlining the festi. After the lineup came out and our favorite french dj’s were absent from the list, and there became a disconnect. The story goes far deeper than this though……….

The rest of this story is about some leaked tracks that surfaced a few months before the release of the soundtrack to Tron. These infamous 11 tracks were thought to be the score to the movie, but in actuality this was not the case. The movie was release and the soundtrack coincided with an entirely different sound……the leaked tracks were quickly forgotten about. So who made these Daft-esque dance diddys? Could it be that someone is skilled enough to mock up the synth-tastic sound that have made our booty’s bounce for the past 10 years? Or has Daft Punk’s new “real” album already been released for 6 months under a fake name?

I will let you decide, but I believe in my heart of hearts that Daft Punk aka The Third Twin will play one fateful evening in the desert this year and we will all be amazed once again. Their performance in 2006 was voted best of the decade by Rolling Stone and The Polo Grounds was were the group broke mass popularity outside of Europe. It would be a fitting stage for the group to make a comeback. Plus, what other group has such great anonymity and mass world appeal to pull off a caper like this! Lets hope the conspiracy is right!! See you all in the dessert……

More on this theory: here.

The 11 tracks can be found here.


Kenny (is giddy over the possibility)”

I love good news on Fridays! Especially when hungover. Take as you will but this shit gets me excited!

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