Kid Creature + Aloha Sunday + Tomorrows Tulips

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Witness This had the pleasure of heading down to Aloha Sunday in North Park, San Diego this Friday for Hassle The Harvest featuring art from Kid Creature and Music by Tomorrows Tulips. We had been down to Aloha Sunday once before to buy some gear, but to see the shop lit up with vibrant faces in evening style, and great music, made for a great new vibe to a still relatively new shop. Unfortunately we didn’t bring down a good camera, but were able to snap off some iphone pics regardless. It was great to see Calvin and family repping Kid Creature to the fullest all night, we are huge fans of this collaboration with Sunday and couldn’t be happier with the merchandising and selection already saturating the shop. Billy and Kahana did all of the interior decorating themselves, everything from wall trim, to the product displays. We can’t wait for them to hopefully start selling their extremely functional/stylish tents they had set up in the back of the store as well. You’ve been Witnessed, Kid Creature, Aloha Sunday, and Tomorrows Tulips.

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