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Julien Rivoire represents the new generation of internet artists. He’s a french Art Director and graphic designer based in Lyon, France. His works are spanning from design to internet animations to installations and video. Julien seems influenced by movies, minimalistic compositions, and 1980/90s computer games.

On his portfolio he shows us what you can do with the good old GIF format. What many of the young generation don’t know is that the GIF is a very old format, its first version dating back to 1987. It experienced a renaissance in 2010 with the rise of social platforms like tumblr due to its small file size and versatility.

I’ve picked a handful of Julien’s works below for you to witness that brought me through the day. My favorite is the ONLY THIS MOMENT series. It’s a superb inspiration for music cover artwork in the digital era.

Witness Julien Rivoire selected works.

Julien Rivoire

Julien Rivoire

Julien Rivoire

Julien Rivoire



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If you like his style you can follow Julien’s facebook page or pay visit to his website. Check the WOOD collective for his visual installation work.

We also recommend you check our tumblr for more cool GIF animations.

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