Love among the ruins

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One warm summer night, while the rest of the city was busy burning cars and looting stores, a couple caught in the fray shared a passionate embrace on a littered road in downtown Vancouver.

That images was captured on a camera by Getty Images photographer Rich Lam, and has since taken the world by storm.

Some thought the image may have been photo-shopped. It wasn’t. And now the two lovebirds have been identified. Meet Scott Jones and Alex Thomas.

Scott, 29, traveled to Vancouver from Australia in the fall and met Alex during his visit. The two have since fallen in love, and will be moving back to Australia together later on this summer. It was supposed to be the first time Scott’s mom sees Alex, but that is no longer the case after seeing her son and his newest female companion smooching on the front page of

According to the story Scott told him mother, Alex was knocked to the ground by an officer’s riot shield as the police moved forward. As she laid on the ground, Scott came to her rescue before the two of them shared a kiss. The end result was a few scratches and bruises, and this memorable image.
source: The Vancouver Sun

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