12 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017

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The WITNESS THIS editorial has collected their favorite Instagram accounts of the hour, and put them together for you. Follow any of these to get a fresh dose of cutting-edge inspiration to your smartphones daily. Brought to you by some of the most talented creatives out there at the moment.

In random order, enjoy.

(1) @mstr_of_disguise

She’s graced our pages before and will continue to for years to come. Mstr of Disguise aka Ann-Marie Hoang is the master of making our jaw drop every time she features herself in a new incredible outfit, styled boldly by herself.
Why follow her: For inspiration on how to be unique and still look incredible with creative combos for days.

(2) @13thwitness

Weighing in at above 700k followers by the time we are writing these lines, the 13th Witness is a true Instagram heavyweight. His channel brings you celebrities, architecture, nature, and people from all over the world, simple and elegant, and with a genius sense for image retouching.
Why follow him: To see how to do (and market) Instagram at its best. (Not to mention the cool name that somehow makes us wanna hire this guy. If we could afford.)

(3) @jonpauldouglass

Jonpaul is a LA photographer/art director who schemes up the very best ideas and captures them in minimalistic simplicity and irony, while remaining tasteful.
Why follow him: To track down ideas for your next still life and to laugh.

(4) @liamwon9

Computer-games designer Liam Wong just started with photography one (O-N-E!) year ago, and yet his Instagram channel has exploded in no time. He received broad media attention through his Tokyo Neon Lights series, which on top has earned him a fresh Canon sponsorship just recently. An outstanding example of how your Instagram account can make you famous almost overnight when you have the right creative idea and a great execution.
Why follow him: To be dragged into nocturnal sceneries worthy of the next Blade Runner installment. And to follow a young photo talent as its develops from zero into a true pro.

(5) @savnoir

Ein von sav_noir (@sav_noir) gepostetes Foto am

The kings and queens of future fashion rock and roll. Sav Noir is an LA boutique brand specializing in leather jackets you will never find anywhere else on the planet.
Why follow them: To fuel your next shopping spree and to see what the Led Zeppelin of the future would wear.

(6) @jessedraxler


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“The best way to take down the system, is to do it from the inside”, LA artist Jesse Draxler once told WITNESS THIS. This guy is all heart and it bleeds into his work in every medium.
Why Follow him: To watch him redefine dark art and inspire the planet with his paintings and collages.

(7) @thefatjewish

Making light of sometimes dark topics, the ‘Fat Jew’ is one of the most talented comedic curators on the web. A highlight reel of jokes exposing the insanity of global current events – some think he’s borderline offensive, we think he’s refreshing.
Why follow him: To find light in the darkest days of American politics.

(8) @saramaijewels

Sarah Jane Adams is an atypical female Instagram celebrity and a refreshing break from the norm. At the age of 60 years young, her feed portrays an aging, confident, bright and funky female fashion icon.
Why follow her: To inspire excitement for your next birthday.

(9) @the_invisible_realm

Felipe Posada is a master of artistic space exploration. His world explores celestial 70’s-inspired poster collages and motion graphics.
Why follow him: For an escape from reality.

(10) @tashalakoz

Hailing from Russia, Tasha Alakoz’s innovative set design and a heightened sense of self make for an excellent perspective. With her ultra playful angles and creative ways of interacting with her environment, she’s a modern day Alice in Wonderland on an acid trip.
Why follow her: For bright and innovative ideas in set design.

(11) @tom_kemp_

Ein von Tom Kemp (@tom_kemp_) gepostetes Foto am

There’s few things more relaxing than watching pottery-making videos (on your phone). Try it. In the world of online crafting videos, Tom Kemp is one of our favorites. Pieces produced from an impressively steady hand—his work is mesmerizing. He’s also an excellent wordsmith.
Why follow him: A calming ‘break’ from social media.

(12) @bleeblu

[Editor’s note December 2019: The artist has renamed himself as Mark del Mars.]

Impressed by his skill we’ve dedicated a full feature to Bleeblu aka Mark Harless already. He captures the most impressive portraits of girls and women through his lense. His photography is tasteful and sensitive, and his models are stunning natural beauties.
Why follow him: To witness the quintessential definition of beauty—perfect imperfection.

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