Ian Ruhter: Silver & Light

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“I’m so far down the path that I can’t go back even if i wanted to. Life grants us a series of opportunities and those opportunities come with a price. I can’t stop, I’ve backed myself into a corner.”

These are the opening words in Ian Ruhter’s new video illustrating the early stages of his journey. The first few scenes lead you into a deep dark world emulating that of an addiction at its highest magnitude; a series of chemicals are mixed by a hooded figure as he works to create a perfect chemical reaction.


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His project is honest, his work is inspiring – Ruhter demonstrates the human soul at its highest capacity, when one has found that passion and connection to something, enabling them to take their truest form and surpass everything else.

“It’s about doing what you love. If you had been searching your whole life for something you love, and you found it, what would you be willing to sacrifice?”

All images courtesy of Ian Ruhter Photography.

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