Francesco Vullo

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Francesco Vullo is a visual artist whose Instragram feed hosts a variety of designs, photo manipulation, and illustrations.

His reference points are socio-cultural, often picking up on gender topics, politics, sexuality, or the dark side of social media. Francesco’s works are as critical and thought-provoking as they are clever and creative. You’ll find him face-swapping canvas paintings, keeping Donald Trump in check or enjoying the simplicity of a good design. In some of his artworks you’ll recognize mash-ups or quotes of other (famous) artists.

Check out a curation of Francesco’s style below. My personal favorites are his minimal illustrations. Francesco’s channel also works as a support channel for other artists (last artwork in my curation is from artist @rauletecompadre).

You can follow Francesco’s Instagram feed like the other 43k people who already do that. Visit Francesco’s website here.

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